Who do I think I am? I AM…Love, Light, Enough.


My belief – that women want, need and desire to feel beautiful and confident to the core, without insecurity, shame or doubt – is rooted by my own journey to embrace that power and shine brightly.  It wasn’t an easy journey, nor was it linear, but this is a little about me and how I came to find my true purpose:

Age 0 – 5:

I’m the oldest child, the first born.  My memories are scattered but I can recall a sweetness, giggling a lot, a joy of running through Grandma’s yard picking dandelions and taking care of (or mostly likely bossing) my baby brother.  My daddy was by far the best piggy back ride in town.

Age 5 – 9:

I cut my hair, which was so long I could sit on it, so I could look like Dorothy Hamill.  My mom cried.  I sang my first solo on the stage (I mean alter) at church.  It was the first time I knew that this was how God would speak to my soul.

Age 9 – 14:

I moved to a new school, made new friends, wore Jordache and Calvin Klein jeans, and somehow survived the awkward phase called junior high.  Busy trying to fit in instead of appreciating my uniqueness

Age 15 – 18:

Cheerleading, Football Games, Dances, Friends, Boyfriends, Musicals…repeat

Age 19 – 24:

BIG hair, study, work, study some more.  I graduated college with a business degree, which my parents had encouraged.  Then I got my first job in Accounting…which I did not love.  To stay creative, I started a jewelry business on the side.

Age 25 – 29:

I got married and then I got divorced.   Through it, I learned more things about myself than the last 2.5 decades combined.  It was painful and messy, but it was the bravest thing I’ve ever done and what it gave me was beautiful.

Age 30 – 40:

I began to focus on my own growth: heal, pursue new creative interests, sing more and commit to a new career.  During this time, I switched to IT Product Development and Finance, sang back up for Sarah Brightman and at Carnegie Hall for the first of several times. 🙂

Age 41 – present:

I finally left the corporate career after getting my Coaching Certification and I made a commitment to question everything: my spirituality, my purpose, my WHY.  This is when I started teaching others how to embrace their inner goddess and reflect their inner light.

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