The Truth Tool


What is the Truth Tool and how can it be utilized?

Simply put, my Truth Tool walks clients through a process that: 1. Helps them clearly identify and own the stories they have adopted as false truths about themselves; 2. Removes and/or redefines the stories that no longer serve them and; 3. Develops a clear path forward that is in alignment with their truth.

To illustrate the Truth Tool, let’s use a common story that focuses on self-esteem:   “I’m not Pretty Enough”.

  • Step 1 – What is the unhealthy story that you are holding on to?  I’m not pretty enough
  • Step 2 – How true is this story?  Ask yourself where this message came from?  What is the definition of “pretty”?  And who gets to decide what that definition is?   Pretty is a made up word.  Beauty is everywhere and can be found in everything..including you.
  • Step 3 – What are the new stories you will live by going forward? I am beautiful, I am enough
  • Step 4 – How do you plan to reinforce those new stories? Look myself in the eyes every morning and every night, and tell myself I am beautiful.  Write sticky notes and leave them around the house.  Wear an empowerment necklace with the word “Beautiful” on it every day.  For even the most cynical, these little tricks make a huge difference.

SOUL SECRET:  When you find yourself spiraling out of control on a downward path, beating yourself up about a ‘perceived’ truth (story), ask yourself this question…HOW TRUE IS IT?

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