Every victory—whether big or
small—is a win for every woman.

  • I was introduced to Julie as a coach when I was going through a difficult decision-making process.

    She was fantastic with allowing me to experience the emotional aspects of the situation while also focusing me on the questions I needed to answer to define my path forward. It can be a hard process to negotiate through change and growth, and Julie understood and respected that without ever letting me lose sight of the end goal I needed to reach. —Adriana Laurent

  • I’ve known Julie for several years as a friend and have always found her advice to break through the clutter of an issue.

    Recently, I was in a situation where our discussion was based more on her coaching training than as a friendly sounding board. I was incredibly impressed by her ability to help me find a clear path through my decisions. It was very apparent to me how much she has broadened her already compassionate and helpful nature to be an exceptional coach who directed me to the questions I needed to answer to make the right decisions. —Christina Williams

  • Julie has been a trusted friend for a long time, and I’ve always found her to be amazingly insightful and compassionate to all that cross her path.

    Recently I had an opportunity to work with her as my life coach, and I was incredibly impressed with her increased knowledge and intuition and incredibly effective approach that helped guide me through my decisions quickly, with much more ease and confidence. She maintains the empathetic and patient qualities she’s always had, but brings a whole new force of energy that pushed me in invaluable ways. To say I am impressed is an understatement, her content and approach allowed me to truly see myself in ways I never had before, and the process ignited my mind in ways that changed my career, as well as other areas in my life. Invaluable experience. —Jamie Underwood

  • I consider myself insightful and independent.

    It’s rare that I rely on friends to help with big life decisions and I’d never considered a life coach before. During a recent situation where I felt overwhelmed by the choices present and missing, but where I needed to make changes, I turned to Julie. She was patient, insightful, questioning and, when needed, firm – all of which helped me make both short and long term decisions far more quickly and with more confidence than had I gone it alone. I highly recommend Julie to anyone in need of working through issues or simply finding better balance and direction in life. —Amy Michelle

  • When I heard Julie was launching her coaching business I jumped at the chance to recommend her to anyone seeking growth and having difficulty with managing through the options and stresses of doing so.

    I’ve watched as Julie dove into her training and certification with an incredible passion for how she wanted to help others, and I’ve seen her personally and professionally grow so much herself during that time (even though she was already terrific!). I’ve personally experienced the effects of her coaching, and I’m certain anyone else who works with her will leave feeling as I do – I may or may not have gotten there on my own… eventually… but I’m glad I had someone with so much compassion and knowledge to help guide me there with more confidence in my choices and more quickly than I could have achieved on my own. —Anne Morris

  • Each one of Julie’s pieces are like works of art.

    I absolutely love the timeless, elegant design and the outstanding craftsmanship & the artistry. I also love that I can come to her with an idea for a piece and she can make something that is one of a kind.. just for me. I’m addicted!” —Rita Ramirez