SoulPrint Assessment

Who Am I? – Personalized SoulPrint Session

Discover your inner light with a deep dive into your soul

Who are you really? Inner transformations and lasting growth begin with a brave and candid conversation with yourself, at your core. This interactive quiz will show us how you are currently showing up in the world and provides a starting point for the individual work to be done. We will use this as our guide to your heart’s desires and soul purpose, so that you may own who you are and love yourself completely. By providing a safe space, Julie will help you truly connect and listen to those soul whispers you may have been ignoring.


From our very first interaction, I was blown away by Julie’s ability to see and understand more about me than people who have known me for years!

I will admit I was nervous taking the soul print quiz and was bracing myself for an analysis of everything that was wrong with me. Instead I was presented with an amazing representation of who I am at a deep soul level and how I am currently showing up in all areas of my life. She highlighted my natural talents and strengths and I immediately felt a calm and confidence about how I COULD show up going forward. Her insights and intuition were beyond impressive and I instantly felt like she really got me, was truly listening and completely invested in me. By the end of the session I felt empowered to make life changes and I couldn’t wait to get started. —Dawn Harper

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