Soul Energy Reading

Personalized Simple Spread Soul Energy Reading

Empower your inner light with a soul energy reading

During a reading, Serena will do a simple spread to gain more insight by interpreting what is going on with the energy surrounding you. This energy source could be yours, a person you’re thinking about, or someone close to you.

Disclaimer: Tarot/Oracle Cards are used as a tool to connect with her energy source. Her readings are for entertainment purposes only and are not a substitute for professional services. She is not qualified to give medical, legal, or financial advice. These readings are for guidance and it is recommended that you always listen to your intuition and do what is right for your situation.

One Session

Serena had me in awe of her, right from the first words out of her mouth.

I will admit that I am relatively new to readings and go in with a bit of skepticism as well as excitement. However, when she immediately dove right into the detail about a situation that I had stored in the deepest part of me and had not shared with anyone…I was floored. In a good way. This experience was not about fortune telling or predicting the future..this was about getting in touch with my feelings and discovering parts of me at the very core that even I had forgotten about. She was such a positive bright light and brought great clarity to such an important area in my life, I felt I could immediately trust her and it just left me wanting more. ~Jill Harrison

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