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Reflect your inner light through coaching

Do you feel overwhelmed by the expectations of society and struggle with fear, shame, or doubt? Do you find yourself longing for a more purpose-filled life where you are free to live out your deepest passions? It’s time to step out from behind the curtain and tap into your full potential by learning how to connect with your soul. There is a power within you. Let’s learn how to embrace it together!

Maybe you are where I was for too long. Feeling stuck in a rut. But then I decided to take a leap of faith by leaving my corporate job of 17 years to follow my passions and start my business. It brought me immense peace, fulfillment and happiness to live out my soul’s inner truth. That’s why I’m deeply committed to helping others feel the same.

Through my signature transformational coaching methodology, I will help you find your soul’s purpose and reflect your inner light.Using your individual soulprint assessment, I will create a custom plan for you and have unique tools, meditations, and a series of strategic actions to keep you accountable and help you elevate your life. Coaching sessions are one-on-one meetings done virtually.

In our sessions you will learn to:

  • Live out your purpose and passion
  • Boost your self-esteem
  • Shrink your stress and anxiety
  • Improve authentic relationships and release anger or obligation from unhealthy ones
  • Identify your passion and pursue it fully
  • Plus you will receive a SPECIAL BONUS of a custom piece of jewelry ($100 value) from my Life Bejeweled jewelry line. Each piece is handcrafted and one-of-a-kind that reflects your inner truth and style. It’s an inspirational symbol to be worn as a reminder of your purpose and journey even after your coaching sessions have ended.

Packages are suggested for those who are looking to commit to a long term wellness plan

3 Month Package

10 Sessions

50-minute sessions /

6 Month Package

18 Sessions

50-minute sessions /

“I love providing women with hope and courage to change their lives. Every victory, whether small or big, provides hope and encouragement, and is a win, for every woman.” — JK

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