Expressing Your Voice Authentically

February 7, 2019

It starts with a journey to find your voice.  How?  You commit to self-work.  You choose vulnerability over fear.  You work through the tough stuff – the relationships that have been holding you back, the limiting thoughts that can derail you.  You embrace the mess because you understand that there are many things in life that are outside of your control.  You experience many break throughs, big and small.  This encourages you to continue.  You start feeling more confident.  You begin to understand how to step into your power and have your voice heard.  And then you hear it.  Your voice.  Your truth.

Then what?  What’s next?  Smooth sailing, right?

Finding your voice Is one thing.  Harnessing its power is another.  As you continue on your personal journey of self-growth, you may find yourself smack dab in the middle of an old trigger – a situation you know you can handle so much better now.  Instead, you hear yourself responding like the old you.  Out pours a messy explosion of defensiveness, pent up anger, and old pattern reactions.  It feels like everything you had been working on just flew out the window.

Most of us will immediately focus on the guilt, judgment and disappointment we feel towards ourselves.  You might find yourself thinking the following:

  • I know better.
  • I know exactly what I was supposed to feel, how I was supposed to react (or preferably not react), and most importantly what I was supposed to say!
  • How could I have exploded/reacted that way given what I’ve learned?
  • I failed.

Nothing can be further from the truth.  Forgive yourself for your false self-judgment and focus on these truths:

  • You recognized the trigger immediately
  • You recognized your old trigger response behaviors
  • Your ability to respond and use your voice at all (sometimes for the first time) is a huge victory
  • You will have other opportunities (likely many 😉 ) to practice and refine your reactions
  • You have grown so much
  • You will continuously improve as you step further into your power and learn how to express it


SOUL SECRET:  Finding yourself and your voice is just the beginning.  Forgiving yourself through the messy stage of learning how to express that voice is simply your next step in growth.  Welcome to the journey of self-love!  xoxo


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