Just Love


With literally every guru, self-help coach and psychologist out there throwing around phrases like “own your story”, “live your best life” or “find your soul’s purpose” it’s easy to get caught up in confusion and wonder what does all of this really mean? How does one go about finding their soul’s purpose, where do I begin?

I’m here to cut through all the confusion and share the simple truth with you. The good news is that the answer is and always will be..just love. Love, in the sense of falling in love with yourself, or another frequently used phrase, “self love”. And even better, this is not something new you need to learn, but rather an exercise of reconnecting to the deepest parts of your soul, which have been with you all along.

Sounds easy enough, right? Surprisingly, it is seemingly one of the hardest things to get our arms around. It’s no wonder and hardly of our own making, thanks to years of programming placed on us by our environment, society, families, etc..where we are continuously valued by a system established entirely outside of ourselves.

It’s hardly a new concept to have grown up feeling like we were worthless or carrying around the ‘not good enough’ crown at some point in time, if not a permanent fixture. Many of us learned a definition of love from parents, grandparents, teachers, leaders who themselves were also wounded, feeling largely unheard, unseen and under valued. It’s also no surprise that this is largely a result of our disconnection from our self, our very souls..given a culture that is conditioned by powerful energies of fear and control, the absolute opposite of love.
While I can’t speak for anyone, I’m confident that I am not the only one that was not asked how I felt, or how I was feeling about key areas of life. Rather, I was told how and what to feel, and when to feel it. How to be, how to succeed, how to win. I was given a set of rules to follow, a model for success, a set of expectations no human could ever attain. And none of these societal rule books ever directed me to get in touch with who I was at my core and follow my soul desires. Sound familiar?

As a result of this programming and disconnection, we show up every day with all of our layers of dysfunction, practiced inner avoidance and coping mechanisms. We simply don’t know how to tap into ourselves and get the answers that are within us. We were never told we had them, where or how to find them..or heaven forbid how to listen to them. Having said all of this, I want to say to you it’s ok, you’re ok, and I get it. And the best news is you’re not alone, you’re exactly where you need to be and you already have all the answers!

So now comes the fun, messy, terrifying, brave part – the how. It all starts with getting quiet (really quiet) and listening in. Inner work is the sacred journey you take from a human ‘doing’ to a human ‘being’. Being is the way of effortlessly and unapologetically living out your soul’s wishes, dreams and desires without guilt, fear or regret. Your highest purpose and potential has always been right there with you, your only job now is to bravely listen to it.

The process of growth is as unique as the individual. It starts by slowly replacing the critical subconscious pre-programmed self-criticisms regarding the ‘ugly’ or ‘not so perfect’ parts or yourself, as well as your feelings and desires you tell yourself are not allowed..with true compassion, acceptance and dare I say, love. Bit by bit you start to feel more in alignment with who you truly are at your core and those feelings of insecurity, fear and doubt fade away and are replaced with confidence, inner knowing and true peace.

The beautiful journey of reconnecting with yourself and finding self love, is a process of soulful introflection, healing and living out the full authentic expression of your beautiful soul.

SOUL SECRET: You’ve had the power all along. It’s simply you being you..it’s just love.

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