Just Love

With literally every guru, self-help coach and psychologist out there throwing around phrases like “own your story”, “live your best life” or “find your soul’s purpose” it’s easy to get caught up in confusion and wonder what does all of this really mean? How does one go about finding their soul’s purpose, where do I begin?

I’m here to cut through all the confusion and share the simple truth with you. The good news is that the answer is and always will be..just love. Love, in the sense of falling in love with yourself, or another frequently used phrase, “self love”. And even better, this is not something new you need to learn, but rather an exercise of reconnecting to the deepest parts of your soul, which have been with you all along.

Sounds easy enough, right? Surprisingly, it is seemingly one of the hardest things to get our arms around. It’s no wonder and hardly of our own making, thanks to years of programming placed on us by our environment, society, families, etc..where we are continuously valued by a system established entirely outside of ourselves.  Read More

Expressing Your Voice Authentically

It starts with a journey to find your voice. How? You commit to self-work. You choose vulnerability over fear.

Who do I think I am? I AM…Love, Light, Enough.

I believe women want, need and desire to feel beautiful and confident to the core, to be able to stand in their truth.

The Truth Tool

What is the Truth Tool and how can it be utilized? Simply put, my Truth Tool walks clients through a process that: 1. Helps them clearly identify and own the stories they have adopted as false truths about themselves;