About Jules Marie

Jules Marie offers a unique and holistic approach to helping women find their soul’s purpose.

Through her signature transformational coaching methodology, she empowers women to embrace their journey towards self-fulfillment. Unlike other coaches, Julie crafts a personalized plan based on her clients’ unique goals. All Jules Marie coaching packages include one piece of handcrafted jewelry that is personalized for each client to represent their journey and remind them of their inner truth.

Meet Julie

Julie Kramer is a jewelry designer and Certified Professional Coach by the Institute for Professional Excellence in Coaching (iPEC). Her creativity is balanced by a seasoned business acumen, which includes a 17-year career at MasterCard.

She developed expertise in business partnerships and customer relations which laid the foundation for what would become her own company. Jules Marie and her bespoke jewelry line, Life Bejeweled, were born out of her desire to pursue her creative and entrepreneurial passions. She worked to transform her life to align with her soul’s purpose and built the confidence to follow her dreams. Now through her transformational coaching program, she gets to share that knowledge with other women.

“I’m passionate about what I do because I wish someone had given this advice to my younger self. I’ve seen so many women make choices, not based on their true purpose, but based on what society expected of them. As a result, they look back on their lives with regret. And because they didn’t honor their true selves they struggle with so much self-doubt. I want to be the support that I didn’t have and help them discover their power and inner light.” — JK

Meet Serena

Serena has a vast corporate background in areas such as HR, Telecommunications, Real Estate, Legal, and Construction, but left this world to pursue her business and passion full time in 2013.

Because of her experience, Serena can empathize with business owners and help them navigate the challenges and stressors that come along with it. The name of her business, Your Right Hand, was inspired by how much people rely on and trust her
both professionally and personally.

She believes nothing is a coincidence. Your paths have crossed to either learn or grow. Let her be a positive source of energy and inspiration for you as she helps you discover your soul’s true purpose.

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