My true joy is empowering women
to discover their soul’s purpose.

Many coaches have a standard process they follow with a similar series of steps for everyone. By working from the heart space vs a headspace, each client can tap into the deepest part of themselves. This allows the individual to authentically express who they really are without the worry of societal expectations. When you finally feel in alignment with your higher purpose, your soul will find true peace.

It’s time for you to shine. Are you ready to step into your light and make your soul sing?

With infinite love and light,


Just Love

With literally every guru, self-help coach and psychologist out there throwing around phrases like “own your story”, “live your best

Expressing Your Voice Authentically

It starts with a journey to find your voice. How? You commit to self-work. You choose vulnerability over fear.

Who do I think I am? I AM…Love, Light, Enough.

I believe women want, need and desire to feel beautiful and confident to the core, to be able to stand in their truth.

Julie’s passion for coaching and being a support for others enables
her to be fully present and in tune with her intuitive guidance.

It is clear that she has said yes to her purpose and in doing so is able to guide others to do the same.
Time spent with Julie is a joyous investment in one’s self and I treasure every bit of it! —Joan Coletto